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4th of July Pet Safety Tips!

July 4th has some of the loudest celebrations of the year and is one of the scariest days for many pets. Between booming fireworks and busy backyard BBQs, a lot of pets can get sick or hurt during this holiday.

The best way to keep your pets safe during the human festivities is to understand their point of view and be ready to keep them feeling calm and secure.

Signs of anxiety in pets

Your pet may express their anxiety in several different ways:

Decreased appetite
Abnormal urination or defecation
Dilated pupils
Excessive grooming

What can you do to keep pets safe during BBQs?

Keep their microchip registration information and their identification tags up to date
Secure and double-check gates and entrances
Store human treats out of sight (and out of reach)
Keep a lid on trash cans

Create a comfort room for your pet during fireworks

Close windows and play calming music or white noise
Stay with pets during fireworks to comfort them
Ask your veterinarian about calming medications

AWL wishes you and your furry family a Happy Independence Day!