AWL Virtual Training Requirements

We are honored that you have chosen AWL! Please take some time to review the following technology requirements to be successful at AWL.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Updated laptop or desktop PC
  • Computer used must be able to support Microsoft Office and Teams downloads (AWL provides login credentials)
    • Must have admin access on the computer to install Outlook/Teams
    • Mac computers and Chromebooks are not compatible
  • Working Webcam
  • Working USB headset
  • Working mouse
  • Working Computer Monitor
  • High speed internet (at least 15 mb/s download speed)
  • Reside in the state of Texas
  • No background noise

General headset requirements:

  • Preferred: Logitech H390 headset
  • No aux cable (3.5mm/1/8”) headsets
  • No aux to USB adapters used with aux headsets to convert to USB
  • No wireless headsets- if Bluetooth, must also have USB mode and must use in USB mode

Specific headset restrictions:  

  • No Plantronics brand headsets
  • No Logitech H340 model
  • No brandless headsets


  • No satellite internet
  • 15Mbps+ download speed
  • Must be able to hardwire with Ethernet cable
  • Must be able to physically access modem/router for equipment reboots
  • No dorms
  • No office buildings where you would be working behind a firewall


  • No Cyan Wireless
  • SCT Broadband/Fusion